Workshops mentoring & masterclasses

Workshops are currently being offered by arrangement.

Please contact me for any requests.

Shibori techniques

Contemporary textile collage, deconstructed and reconstructed textiles, stitch drawing using seed stitch and other creative stitches on eucalyptus fragments

Eucalyptus dyeing species , samples and processes, Leaf embossing using botanical contact printing,

Fibre studies -protein, cellulose, man-made

Indigo dyeing

Presentation skills, exhibition concepts, critical dialogue and professionalism in your textile practice

Public lectures, image presentations and sample showings

I am available for small and large public groups to present on such topics as

Intangible Cultural Heritage

an interpretation of what this means in Borneo, Madagascar, Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand, France, Australia. The involvement of UNESCO.

A Dynamic Global Movement

Slow Fibre, Slow Fashion – why it must happen, and where

The Art and Science of Natural Dyes

As presented to National Science Week conference at Lismore Regional Gallery

Natural dye use in Australia – traditions and contemporary innovations

Contemporary colouring and shaping of art textiles

Beauty, inspiration and innovation by avant guarde artists

Shibori tradition and interpretation

The world’s dirtiest industry

How the $5 T shirt and fast fashion trends are contributing to a disastrous onslaught of pollution and compromising traditional knowledge and culture. What is our role?

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