Gondwana Colour Towards an Eco Culture

Natural Organic Dye made from Eucalyptus leaves

Slow Colour for conscious comfort

Gondwana Colour Range

Gondwana Colour Eucalyptus Dye – Limited supply

In collaboration with research scientists from Southern Cross University, I have developed a globally unique plant dye from eucalyptus.

Other artists, globally, use eucalyptus as a dye in various ways, with stunningly beautiful results.  ‘Gondwana Colour’ however, is the only packaged product.   I blend the leaves to create three main colours – Wollumbin Red, Gooram Brown and Chincogan Gold.

G Colour 3 colours packed _3943

blue gum leaves _4633    KOALA

Made from eucalyptus, organic and natural,  Australian eucalyptus leaves

harvesting _1866

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My studio work showcases ‘Gondwana Colour’, with artcloth, textile sculpture and wearable art.

Internationally recognised, my textile art is shown regularly in touring exhibitions.

flowers WBox_4624 

It works with protein fibres – wool and silk and is great for shibori. Two  superfine merino wool gauze art shawls using itajime shibori and Gondwana Colour – Chincogan Gold on left and Wollumbin Red on the right.

 wool shawl Chin gold _3934wool shawl W Red_3928

me harvesting_1840                    sideroxylon_1843

Eucalyptus leaves for each batch of Gondwana Colour are wild harvested. Different seasons will see me harvesting from different places and species.

juvenile Albens_5846                            Bloodwood _4999      blue gums_4708

With more than 900 distinct species [and almost as many sub species] identification is always challenging and endlessly  fascinating.

flowerbuds_1865      rounded leaf _0014

Testing takes place to ascertain the blend necessary to achieve the desired batch of Gondwana Colour and leaves are dried and mulched before vacuum sealing and packing.

leaves drying _4758                     leaves mulched _5221

I dyed my hair

hair 1_3945  hair 2_3970

Gondwana Colour Felted beads – earrings with semi precious stones,

sterling silver and emu feathers

earings _4040 felt bead emu earings _4039